The travel company

Contact and fiscal data:

Main office: Str. Nichita Stanescu 16, Cluj-Napoca, postal cod 400366, Cluj County, Romania

Share capital: RON 100,000.
Sole registration number: RO 3553943
Trade Register number: J12/1029/1993 Cluj
Main fields of activity, NACE CODE 2008: 7912 – Tour operator activities

National presence of the EXIMTUR network:

  • Branch offices: Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest, Timisoara, Sibiu, Arad, Oradea, Baia-Mare, Suceava, Constanta, Satu-Mare and Targu-Mures
  • Franchises: Bucharest, Iasi, Medias, Alba-Iulia, Bistrita, Pitesti, Braila, Constanta, Hunedoara, Botosani, Resita


  • Tourism – tour operator licence no. 1191;
  • I.A.T.A. accreditation (International Air Transport Association) issuing plane tickets for internal and international routes 
  • Certification of the quality management system, according to ISO 9001:2008 standards, executed and monitored by S.G.S. (Societee Generale de Surveilance)

Participation in associative structures:

  • Member of RBL Foundation (Romanian Business Leaders)
  • Am-Cham member (American Chamber of Commerce in Romania)
  • Member of C.C.I.A. Cluj (Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture from Cluj County)
  • Member of A.N.A.T. employers' association ((National Association of Tourism Agencies from Romania)
  • Member of F.P.T.R. (Federation of Employers from the Romanian Tourism)
  • Member of FBN (Family Business Network)
  • Member of NRCC (Netherlands Romanian Chamber of Commerce)
  • Founding member of Open Bridge Consortium (NGO that promotes economic and cultural exchange between public institutions and companies from Romania and South Korea)

Diplomas and accreditations



  • 23 years of experience and presence on the market, period during which over 3 million tourists and 2,500 corporate clients have benefited from our services
  • 28 agencies owned, as well as franchised, in 20 Romanian cities
  • 4 specialized centres in business travel & events, located in: Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara and Sibiu
  • over 130 travel consultants of which 36 are I.A.T.A. – UFTAA accredited, 12 have a licence for the tourism agency director position, 39 have licence for the post of manager manager position in the manager position in the hospitality industry, 65 have CNFPA (National Centre for the Professional Training of Adults) as tourism agent – tourist guide and 14 have a trainer accreditation
  • over 50,000 plane tickets issued every year
  • over 200.000 accommodation partner units for various destinations around the world
  • over 800 accommodation partner units in Romania
  • over 700 reseller partner agencies
  • over 100 countries visited by our clients

Financial indicators

Anul Cifra de afaceri (LEI) / Estimat in (EUR) Numar mediu de salariati
2014 175.266.662 LEI / 39.433.619 EUR 134
2013 160.077.635 LEI / 36.224.855 EUR 135
2012 157.059.208 LEI / 35.246.680 EUR 129
2011 135.400.285 LEI / 31.949.853 EUR 132

Financial audit

Starting with 2007, the financial situation of the EXIMTUR company is audited by external financial auditors.